Why do we do it?

Times have changed and we decided that we are not interested in sitting idle and waiting to see where the real estate industry goes. We want to be in the lead.  Too many industries and the practitioners in those industries get completely knocked off the tracks as times change.  For example – travel agents.  Remember them?  Stock brokers… who?  However, the Drastic Decline one would expect to see in Real Estate Agent’s commissions is no where to be seen. Because Agents are typically competing for business within their own specialized geographic regions, it has not been necessary for an Agent in Arkansas to compete with an Agent in California. This lack of Broker to Broker competition has made it possible to continue business as normal with no need for change. So, realizing that times are continually changing, we set out to create a company that works with Buyers and Sellers in a way that makes sense.

Small Fee Realty is starting an Arkansas Real Estate Revolution with modern ideas and services that give Buyers and Sellers Options.

Traditionally, a Seller will contact a Listing Agent who will charge a commission to sell their property. Commission rates can vary, but for this scenario, we’ll assume 6%. The Listing Agent will market the Sellers property in a local MLS (Multiple Listing System), where Selling Agents (also called Buyer’s Agents) have real time access to all properties for sale in the area, with the exception of For Sale By Owners. A portion of the Listing Agent’s commission (typically half or 3%) is offered to the Selling Agent in order to compensate them for representing the Buyer. Once the home is sold, the real estate commissions are taken from the Seller’s proceeds and paid to the Brokers involved in the transaction.

With the creation of the MLS, and use of the internet, Agents are now able to do in only a few minutes, what may have taken days to accomplish in the past. The MLS has replaced the need for Agents to travel between each other’s Real Estate offices each week in order to get printed lists of all new properties on the market. Documents can be email and signed electronically, files can be maintained securely in “the cloud”, pictures can be uploaded with the click of a mouse, and with one quick online search, sellers can gain access to a plethora of knowledge regarding buying and selling a home.

Because of this new efficiency of service, Realtors should be able to offer Superior services to clients at a reduced rate. The Traditional Listing costs a fixed percentage regardless of the price of the home, and often includes services that are not needed or are simply ineffective.  Those who are trying to sell FSBO often fall short in their marketing efforts or get beaten up in the contract negotiations.  Our listing programs are designed to allow seller’s to pick and choose the services they need in the transaction.

At the end of the day it works out well for everyone involved: We remain profitable by eliminating the excess overhead that is associated with a traditional real estate brokerage and concentrate on getting paid for the professional services we provide, not ancillary services that add little value to the process. The Buyers and Sellers get to Keep More & Pay Less.

Our Seller Services

  • Get listed in the Local MLS and on LOCAL Brokerage websites where many local buyers are already searching
  • Your home will be on Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo Homes, and Hundreds of other Popular Websites
  • Have your home featured in the Upcoming Issue of the Local Real Estate Magazine
  • Professional Photos, Virtual Tour, Custom Yard Sign, Staging Advice, 24hr Text Marketing and MORE…

Our Buyer’s Rebate Program

  • When you take an active role in locating the property you want to buy, you should be rewarded! We think you will enjoy your check for 33% of whatever your Realtor earns. That means you could take home a check for up to 1% of the purchase price of your new home. On a $250,000 home, that’s $2,500 in your pocket!