Got Questions?

Listing your home on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com® and hundreds more sites is a “must” for any serious seller, and our simple process will save you time and money. Give your property maximum exposure to local buyers while saving thousands in commissions!

What Is the MLS?

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a cooperative database which allows professional Realtors® to share information about real estate for sale. It’s the most powerful marketing tool for a homeowner to sell their home. It’s only available to Realtors® and not to the public. In the past, the only way to get your home on this powerful list was to hire a full commission agent because only licensed real estate agents can list property for sale in the MLS, but the Realtors® at Small Fee Realty are opening up this tool to Home Sellers for a Small Fee instead of a Huge Commission.

Why do I Need to be Listed in the MLS?

Over 80% of homes are sold through the MLS in Arkansas and 4 out of 5 buyers use the MLS to find a home. Selling a home for a Reduced Fee on the MLS saves homeowners thousands of dollars in commissions. A Reduced Fee MLS listing gives your home the same exposure as homes listed by full-commission Realtors® in the multiple listing service.

Why pay 5% or more to a full-commission Realtor® when the only thing you really need is great marketing exposure for your property? For a highly reduced fee, Small Fee Realty gives you access to the number one selling tool used by licensed professionals without being tied to a long-term contract.

Why does it cost $375? Is that the only fee?

Reduced Fee MLS listings cost as little as $375, and you pay Small Fee Realty nothing more to list your home. When a buyer is ready to make an offer, we will provide all of the documents, negotiations, and help you overcome any issues that may arise during the process. These services along with our fiduciary duties to our clients make up “Seller Representation”. There is a 0.75% commission due at closing for this representation.

Traditionally, a real estate agent will charge a commission to sell your home, (Let’s use 6% for instance, although there is no set commission and prices can vary by Brokerage). They may keep 3% for themselves and give 3% to the Buyer’s Agent at closing. With a Reduced Fee MLS listing, you pay your upfront listing fee, and 0.75% commission in lieu of the 3%. This saves you thousands already. Now you get to decide how much you want to offer to the agent who actually brings you the buyer! This freedom to choose your fees, helps you keep your hard earned money in YOUR pocket! And if Small Fee Realty finds you a Buyer, there is no Buyer’s Agent’s Commission!

Is it Difficult to Sell without an Agent?

Some people find it difficult to show or sell their own home, and for these people, it’s probably best to allow our Professionals to show your property, negotiate the sales price and help you through the process. But, for all of those Sellers who would like the opportunity to avoid paying that “Buyer’s Agent Commission”, we have an option to forward the leads we receive directly to you so that you can show your own property. If you have an interested buyer, just give them your Small Fee Realty Agent’s card, and let them know that we are here to help you both through the process should they decide they’d like to make an offer.

What If I Don’t Have the Money to Pay Upfront?

We understand that some sellers hire a traditional agent, not because they want to pay more for the same services, but because they don’t have the money needed to pay for a flat fee listing upfront. We have an option for you too. When you choose to sell your home with our “Platinum” listing package, you have the option to defer your payment until closing. You pay only $29.99 per month until your home sells, and then the full payment of services is taken from your proceeds at closing. So if it takes 3 month to sell your home, you would pay an extra $89.97, but that’s a small price compared to a 6% commission! The “Platinum” listing package entitles you to every service we offer, which is more than most traditional agents provide for a full commission. So, don’t worry, even if you can’t pay now, you can still get your home listed now and save thousands!

What is the Role of the Listing Agent?

Our Realtors® will prepare the paperwork, place your home in the MLS, market your property across the web and give you full representation throughout the process of selling your home.

Who Handles the Paperwork?

All the necessary listing forms will be provided by your Realtor®. They can be emailed, faxed, or  signed online. Once your order is placed, the information will be received by your Realtor® who will contact you to review the listings details. All of the paperwork necessary to create a legally binding sales contract, property disclosures and any other addenda will be provided by and reviewed by your Realtor® throughout the selling process.

Are There Any Seller’s Agent Commissions?

Not until your property is sold. You will pay a flat listing fee to your Realtor and  0.75% Seller’s Represenation fee at closing.

Are There Buyer’s Agent Commissions?

Sometimes. If an agent sees a listing and brings a buyer, you must pay the Buyer’s Agent a commission if you accept the offer. You decide how much commission to offer as part of the MLS listing process. The commission you’re willing to pay is stated on the MLS listing beforehand. It is NOT negotiated on an agent by agent basis. We recommend offering a commission between 2.5% – 3% since your listing will be competing with others for agent’s attention, but again, the amount is up to you. You are welcome to offer a flat dollar amount to the Buyer’s Agent as well.

What if I Find a Buyer Myself? Do I pay a Buyer’s Agent Commission?

No.  If you sell the home yourself, you essentially save any money you were planning to pay to a Buyer’s Agent.

Whose Phone Number is on the MLS?

The MLS listing and sign will display the agent’s contact information. When the listing agent receives inquiries about your property, the interested parties will be directed to you (if you choose the option to handle all the buyer leads). Realtor.com and most MLSs do not allow seller’s phone numbers to appear in their listings.

How Soon Will My Listing Appear on the MLS After I Sign Up?

Our Realtors will send the required forms within a few hours in most cases. Once these forms are signed (we utilize electronic signatures from your phone or computer, so there is no need to print, scan or email) and returned to us, the listing will be in the MLS in 24 – 48 hours (excluding weekends). Orders placed on Monday can easily be listed by Tuesday or Wednesday. Once listed in the MLS it takes all the real estate sites such as Zillow.com and Realtor.com about 2 – 5 business days to upload a listing to their site. This is an automatic upload and can’t be sped up.

How Many People Will See My Listing?

Just like any agent-sponsored listing, a flat fee MLS listing will receive free national exposure on over 900 plus real estate websites. For example Realtor.com® website will have a description of your property with color photos. These website are open to the public and are the most heavily trafficked real estate websites on the internet. Only properties listed in the MLS can appear on Realtor.com. In addition, MLS listings are featured on Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo!®, MSN® and over 900 other real estate websites that attract millions of potential buyers. The best part is that your listing will now be available on local Real Estate Brokerage sites where most of our local buyers are already searching for homes.

What about Photos?

You may choose to purchase Professional Photos with your order, but otherwise, upload digital photos of the exterior and interior of the house. If necessary, hard copy photos can be scanned but will slow down the process. Email your photos to sales@smallfeerealty.com. The number of photos allowed on the MLS can vary by area, but most allow at least 20 photos.

What is the MLS Listing Length?

The flat fee MLS listing period is 6 or 12 months and can be extended in 6 month increments until your property sells.  The “Platinum” listing package includes an “until it sells” listing period. Listings can be cancelled from your local MLS at any time, by request, with no cancellation fees.

(Please note that Commissions charged by Brokers or Agents will vary. There is no set commission and the 6% commission mentioned throughout this website is for demonstrative purposes only.)